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Bow ties are cool. [userpic]
by Bow ties are cool. (mi_nion)
at August 31st, 2008 (07:49 pm)

current mood: excited

Here is a list of the contestants... I'm sure we'll all have our favorites before long, if we don't already!
Season Two Designers

* Andrea Schroder: 36, Hometown: Calgary, Canada; Resides in Santa Monica Mountains, Calif.
* Eddie Ross: 30, Hometown: Greenwich, Conn.; Resides in New York City
* Jennifer Newsom: 28, Hometown: Minneapolis, Minn.: Resides in New York City
* Kerry Howard: 40, Hometown: Easley, S.C.; Resides in Atlanta, Ga.
* Natalie Williams: 24, Hometown: Montgomery, Ala.: Resides in Atlanta, Ga.
* Nathan Egan: 30, Hometown: Denver, Colo.; Resides in New York City
* Ondine Karady: 38, Hometown: Mountainside, N.J.; Resides in New York City.
* Preston Lee: 27, Hometown: Amarillo, Texas: Resides in Los Angeles, Calif.
* Robert Reid: 40, Hometown: New Brunswick, Canada; Resides in Houston, Texas
* Serge Van Lian: 27, Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.; Resides in: New York City
* Shazia Kirmani: 30, Hometown: Plano, Texas; Resides in Houston, Texas
* Teresa Keegan: 35, Hometown: Tulsa, Okla.; Resides in Las Vegas, Nev.
* Wisit Prapong: 30, Hometown: Gibson City, Ill.; Resides In: Los Angeles, Calif.

Blogs, myspace and websites for season 2 designers
Andrea Schroder
Eddie Ross
Natalie Williams
Nathan Egan
Ondine Karady
Preston Lee
Serge Van Lian
Shazia Kirmani
Teresa Keegan
Wisit Prapong