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The second season has been revamped with a brand new look in high-definition, new producers, the Emmy-nominated Magical Elves ("Project Runway," "Top Chef"), and a new host, celebrated fashion model and design aficionado, India Hicks. The series will follow professional designers as they live together in a decked-out loft, compete to create the "Top Design," and a chance to win a $100,000 cash prize and a four-page editorial showcase in Elle Decor magazine. World-renowned designer Todd Oldham returns, this time as the contestants' mentor. Jonathan Adler will reprise his role as head judge along with Margaret Russell, Editor In Chief of ELLE DECOR magazine, and interior designer Kelly Wearstler as series judges. TOP DESIGN airs on Wednesday nights at 10pm EST.

Check out Hulu.com to view the episodes online, see behind the scenes sneak peeks, and get to know this seasons designers.

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